about bianca

Hi there dolls and gents, I’m Bianca Anderson (née  Violante), aka biavio. I was raised near Baltimore and now live in Denver. I attended West Virginia University for undergrad; once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer! Currently I work for a Fortune 500 health care company, where I lead social media marketing and communications.

I describe myself as an occasional artist, an adventurer and always style-obsessed. I enjoy being active and am committed to staying fit. I love to cook and experience new tastes. I also love to travel with my husband and friends. I have a major weakness for lip gloss, mascara and shoes. I love my German Shorthaired Pointer, Bruce. I take life seriously, but not myself too seriously. I tend to be pretty sarcastic and I smile a lot. Please read on and leave me nice (or not) comments.

xo, biavio

What to expect on my blog –

beauty nerd is where I post about my latest beauty or style obsession

fit like that is all about fitness and health

kitchen dweller is where I share my adventures by the stove and cutting board

rant or rave is where everything else goes