3 apps that will change how you work out (promise!)

I enjoy working out, I really do, but it’s not always easy to get out the door (or even pop in a DVD). So, sometimes I need help. Here are three apps that will completely change how you work out, in the best way possible.

1. Gym Pact: This free app actually pays you to work out. Say what? Yep, get paid to sweat. And, it’s super easy. Download the app and set your pact (up to seven days a week) then sweat and get paid. Things to note: each work out must be at least 30 minutes and only one workout per day counts. To track workouts you can check in to a gym (powered by Foursquare), work out on your own anywhere (as long as your phone is on you) or pair the app with another app like RunKeeper to track runs/walks/bike rides/etc. or a Fitbit or Jawbone UP band to track steps (10,000 steps count as a workout). Be careful though, if you don’t make your weekly pact, you’re paying for others who did! Each missed workout is $5. Talk about motivation! *UPDATE* as of January 2014, GymPact has rebranded as Pact and expanded to include veggie/fruit and meal pacts. More chances to earn cash? Yes, please.

2. Tone It Up: Need workouts on the go? This .99 cent app has you covered. From at-the-gym workouts to busting a move in your hotel room, this app is full of amazing work outs you can do just about anywhere. Plus, the Tone It Up girls are insanely inspiring. Their blog feed is plugged right into the app so you can catch up with what’s going on with your trainers, get great new recipes and stay motivated. The app even lets you set reminders to work out.

3. Spotify: I always have to listen to music when I work out, whether it’s toning with weights at the gym or running on the trail, my headphones are in. Spotfiy lets you create and/or search for the perfect workout playlist. I like to create 30-minute playlists when I know I’m short on time and for long runs I pile on upbeat tracks to keep me going. The best part is that with Spotify Premium I can create playlists on my computer, which automatically download to my phone. I can even listen to my music when I don’t have cell service so my workouts don’t suffer. Try Spotify Premium for free for a month.

What apps do you use to make working out easier and more fun?

Note: all listed apps are available on iPhone, other mobile devices might not be compatible.


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