Mascara must-haves

Here I break down my three favorite mascara varieties, which every woman should own.

1. For everyday glam – Mally voluminous mascara

This mascara is perfect for everyday wear, from the office to happy hour and everywhere in between. Thanks to it’s angled wand, it glides on easy and the large bristles prevent clumping, even with multiple layers. I apply 2-3 layers for work hours and add an extra if I plan on heading out after work.

2. The “I’m not wearing any make up but still look fab” mascara – tarte gifted


The brush has tiny bristles so it doesn’t overdo it on your lashes. It’s part of tarte’s Amazonian clay line, which is all-around one of my favorites. I prefer to use this mascara when I’m running errands on the weekend or when I’m meeting friends after a work out. It’s perfect for the minimalist.

3. The perfect mascara for a night out – benefit they’re real!

This mascara brings the volume and definition. Its wand has long bristles on the end so it’s easy to amp up your lower lashes as well as pump up the volume and separate top lashes. This is my go-to mascara for a special occasion or anytime I want to feel extra fabulous.

Mascara Tips
– I rarely apply mascara without curling my eye lashes first; it’s an easy way to define lashes and really have them stand out.
– When applying, I start with the outer corner of my eye, dragging my wand outward to draw my lashes to the outside of my eye. This helps elongate the outer lashes and thus maximize eye glam.
– For the inner lashes, I turn my wand vertical to coat each tiny lash individually before using a lash brush to separate. It also helps to wiggle your wand upwards to fully coat lashes.
– Don’t pump your mascara! This can cause bacteria to build up in the tube, which can mean bad news for your eyes. Instead, swirl your wand to completely coat it.
– Remember to replace your mascara often, at least every three months. I write the date in marker on my mascaras to make sure I’m on track.

What’s your favorite mascara? Any tips to share?


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