7 things that happen when you own a dog

Recently my man and I took a very serious step in our relationship. After dating for the better part of a decade, we decided to take the plunge.

The puppy plunge, that is. We are now owners of a German Shorthaired Pointer named Bruce. He’s sweet, he’s destructive and he’s all ours.

Bruce cuteness

Look at that face

Along this journey I’ve noticed some things that only seem to happen once you become a puppy owner.

1. You pee with the door open. Maybe some of you already did this but it’s new for me. I literally have the door wide open and am peering out to make sure my beloved puppy isn’t chewing one of my favorite pairs of shoes. If anyone walked in my house at this moment I’d be pretty mortified but I find it totally necessary to protect my things (and my sanity).

2. You say the new puppy won’t sleep in your bed or be allowed on the couch. But then you cave. Hard. He spends from 4 a.m. (yes, that’s when you wake up to take him out to potty) to 7 a.m. in the bed with you and you cuddle on the couch every chance you get. He’s too darn cute.

Bruce on couch

Bruce enjoying lounging on the couch

3. You start finding dog treats stashed in your pant pockets, purse and coat – basically anywhere you can store a treat to lure your pup to do the things you want. This may cause one or more of these things to happen a) other dogs approach you because they smell the treat, you are then accosted by the dog until giving it up; b) your friends smell the treat and ask if you’ve been making candied apples without them; or c) your dog tears apart your jeans that you casually threw on the floor to retrieve said treat. One of these things is worse than the others.

4. Back to the bathroom – your toilet paper is now in shreds. If you’re lucky it just has puppy teeth marks in it and it has been manually rerolled at least twice. What is the fascination with paper products? My apologies to any future guests.

5. You constantly step in puddles, inside your house. Hopefully it’s just water from your adorable puppy’s playtime with ice or when he spilled water drinking clumsily from his bowl but more than likely, you know it’s pee. Yay for potty training!

6. You say goodbye to your social life… at least at the start of puppydom (it does end, right??) Before making plans you have to go home and check on the pup. He needs to go potty, he wants food, playtime, snuggles and a walk, followed by more potty time and snuggles. Then you decide to never leave the house because you miss the puppy snuggles.

7. You fall madly in love with a maniac who is covered in hair, has piranha teeth, has to go outside to use the bathroom (which you then have to clean up) and can’t even hold your hand (no opposable thumbs). The best part of owning a dog is the unconditional love you get. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it smells. Yes, it bites. It vomits, barks and doesn’t obey. Yes, you just want your puppy to say “got it, won’t happen again” when you say “don’t pee in the house” but they can’t speak human. So you just take a deep breath, regain composure and practice patience. Yes, even when you come home to this.

Bruce bed in crate

What have your experiences been with new pet ownership? Any advice?! :)


8 thoughts on “7 things that happen when you own a dog

  1. Kourtney says:

    Great article B! Potty training and puppy chewing will eventually not be an issue, however, the amount of ENERGY these dogs have is crazy! He’s so darn cute! Keep taking lots of pictures and keep up the good work! It will get better! =)

    • biavio says:

      Thanks Kourt! We’re trying to keep him occupied, physically and mentally. He’s a good pup, all the training certainly wears me out :)

  2. Dan says:

    One thing I’ve learned is that the puppy stage never ends. Your dog will be super energetic for at least three more years. If you want to maintain an active social life, your best solution is to start hanging out with other people who have dogs. Dogs help to tire each other out. When Bruce is tired he’s less likely to chew on all of your possessions.

    Great article! Good luck

    • biavio says:

      Thanks for commenting, Mom! Puppy ownership is full of surprises and can be challenging but I don’t regret it one bit.

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