5 ingredient guac

This is one of the easiest recipes* I’ve ever made. Just five ingredients and you’ve got the perfect guacamole for your next gathering, or just for lunch. In fact, I’m enjoying this guacamole with carrots and red bell pepper for lunch right now. Okay, and maybe a few blue corn chips, don’t tell!



1 avocado
1 half of a lime
Spoonful (or more if desired) of chopped jalapeños
Salt & pepper to taste



1. Halve the avocado, toss seed and scoop out the middle into a bowl
2. Squeeze the lime juice into the bowl
3. Chop the jalapeños and add to the bowl
4. Top with salt and pepper to taste
5. Mix all ingredients together until mostly smooth


Serve with veggies or tortilla chips and enjoy!


*recipe is enough to serve 2-4 people as an appetizer, adjust measurements according to your needs


2 thoughts on “5 ingredient guac

  1. Nicole Hess says:

    I’ve never had guacamole with jalepenos. So excited to try out this recipe!

    PS I like the new blog design.

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