Style rules

This year I’m making a resolution to budget for clothes and accessories (I know, eeek). To help me stick to it I’m laying down some ground rules. I’ll decide how much I can spend each season and put a limit on how many shoes and handbags I can buy.

I’m actually really excited to challenge myself to be more frugal when filling my closet. To kick things off, I want to share some of my current style rules.

1. Don’t spend on trendy items in the off-season
It’s best to pick up well-made classic pieces and basics that are marked down so you can splurge on a new trendy item next season. Last season’s leftovers might be outdated in style and/or color. You’ll be better off with a go-to classic outfit than something you will only wear once; in the meantime you can save up some extra cash to spend on new trend.

2. On a related note, trends are not always your friend
Unless you can really own a daring look, don’t invest in it. It will just hang in your closet taunting you about the money you could have spent better. On the other hand, I’m also a big fan of making trends your own. Let’s face it, clothes will likely look different on you than on the runway. Empower yourself to change up a trend to make it flatter you and fit your style. Not sure of wearing a new bold color? Pick an accessory like a headband or small clutch and try it out first. If you end up loving it, invest in a larger piece.

3. The rule of three
If you’re on the edge of a new purchase, ask yourself, “what else do I have to wear with this?” Try to pair the new item with at least three pieces you already own before diving in. Can you wear it to work? Dress it up? Make it casual? It helps to visual yourself in a full outfit. While at the store grab a pair of pants or skirt similar to something you already and try it on with a potential new shirt. Also consider accessories and layers that will extend an item’s shelf life.

4. Leggings are not pants

5. Dress for yourself
How many times do we ask others, “does this look okay?” Or, “[dangling] earrings or [statement] necklace?” (Side rule: almost never both) While it can be great to listen to advice from others, remember that to really look your best you have to feel your best. Being comfortable in your own skin is what’s most important. Again, don’t follow a trend if it doesn’t suit you; make it your own.

Of course there are times when the rules don’t apply, like when shopping/dressing for a special occasion, when your favorite designer is on amazing, super-super sale (what budget?) or when you’re picking up vintage collection pieces.

Whatever rules you follow – or don’t – just make sure you’re having fun! When that’s the case, everything else tends to fall in place.



2 thoughts on “Style rules

  1. Molly says:

    Love this post B! As you know, I am not a fashionista. Not even close. So my New Years resolution this year is to just do me. And your Dress for yourself is just what that’s about. I’m just going to go out there and do me and wear what I want. And I’m going to try to stop asking people “does this look okay?” and stop wondering when I wear something what others will think. Because in the end, I don’t care. I like it, so that’s that. But I have to confess, I broke your fourth rule. “Hi I’m Molly and I’m wearing leggings as pants today.” First time ever, just had to try it out and see what the fuss about these things was all about. They are ok, I think I’m rocking it pretty well….just doing me!

    • biavio says:

      Whoa Molly, leggings as pants?! Just kidding-you get out there, do you and feel good about it, cause that’s just awesome! Write your own rules and feel free to break ’em whenever you want! But seriously, you better be wearing a tunic over those leggings or be on your way to the gym. The line’s gotta be drawn somewhere ;)

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