a few of my favorite (new) things

The last time I raved about something it didn’t work out so well.

I felt awful about getting you all excited for something only to learn that it was sold out (which was crazy, right?!) Fortunately, subscriptions are now slowly being released.

So, what would any good blogger do? I want to get you all psyched about something else!

As a recovering shopaholic, I try to be choosy with my purchases and when I find something really great, I can’t help but want to share it. So I reviewed my recent purchases and picked my top three to share with my loyal readers (Hi, Mom).

Happy shopping!

TOMS Shoes – the one for one project is by far one of the best consumer incentives out there. you purchase a rad pair of shoes and in turn, a child in need gets a new pair. and did I mention how cute and comfortable they are?

Burton starr vest – it’s cool, comfy and chic. for what more could you ask? I bought this on impulse (read: shopping relapse) in Vail but haven’t regretted it for a minute – it goes with everything! can’t wait to get my spring ski steez on with this number.

IKEA dish rack – practical isn’t my middle name but, I fell hard for this dish rack. with a limited amount of counter space in our Congress Park apartment, it wasn’t easy to find a spot to dry the dishes… enter IKEA.

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