goal-setting for 2012

2012 is approaching quickly but there’s still time to set some goals and get in gear for the New Year!

I’m a huge fan of lululemon, not only for their sporty styles but also for their inspiration, like in this blog post about goal-setting. From it I learned what it means to set a goal and get excited about it, which keeps you on track to achieve it. Their goal-setting worksheet is what I’m using in 2012 (and beyond) to stay on track and focused on a balanced lifestyle.

A few of my 2012 goals include:

> Run the Colfax Half Marathon in May

> Blog at least twice a month

> Paint three canvasses by December

lululemon’s worksheet encourages you to focus on specific areas of your life while planning for the future. A 10 year goal was a bit of a stretch for me at first but I’m beginning to visualize where I want to be. How do you plan for the upcoming year? Next 5 years? 10 years?

Best wishes for a happy, healthy life to all in the New Year!


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